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You Can Use A Glow Stick To Light Up An Outdoor Event

Glow sticks have been used at concerts and events for a number of years now.
They are seriously cheap, safe to use and can brighten up the arena whenever they are used.
It helps that they are waterproof, so they can be used for outdoor events as well as indoor ones.
The idea for using them at entertainment venues came about when it was seen how successful the original ones were, even though their use was more for safety.
To begin with they were used by campers and the military.
Here it was as markers and implements to light their way, but soon the idea came about to have them multi-colored and used just for fun.
Dancers tend to use them at raves and they have a special place at festivals all over the world.
Usually a glow stick will be in the region of 6" long, but some people have considered that to be totally inadequate.
In Camber Sands there was one that was more than 8 feet tall, although it was used to lighten up an event from a set place rather than to be moved around.
When first seeing the light it may seem hard to understand how they work, but there is a simple explanation.
The light comes on when the two chemicals involved come together.
When the stick is constructed, there are two containers each holding a separate element.
Once the stick is waved around, one container snaps and the elements come together.
The more shaking that takes place, the quicker the light will come on.
Safety standards have to be high as there is one concern and that is the production of phenol.
As long as it does not touch the skin, there should not be a problem, but this warning should be taken seriously.
There is a range of sizes that are sold and although there are slight increases in the prices as the sizes go up, it is not a big increase.
Small ones can cost as little as 32p each, and when the size reaches 15" closer to £1.
As expected, the bigger they are the stronger they glow.
At twice the size of an average wand, it will certainly stand out in the crowd.
Despite the size, they will still last through the night so no one will be left disappointed when it suddenly goes dark.
It is estimated that they will last for a full 12 hours.
The most economical way to buy glow sticks will be in packs, and each pack will have a variety of colors.
No wish-washy colors either, as it tends to be neon shades of pink and yellow and electric blue and green.
Get involved now and light up the event you attend.

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