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How To Get Married In New Hampshire

Same-sex couples in New Hampshire can legally marry starting January 1, 2010. But what should gay and lesbian couples know before planning a wedding in New Hampshire?

Requirements To Legally Marry In New Hampshire:
  • Each individual must present a photo ID and provide social security numbers to the city clerk's office.
  • Blood tests aren't required and there is no waiting period before licensed couples can get married.

  • Individuals under 25-years-old may be asked to verify their age with an official copy of their birth certificate. Couples under 18-years-old must get parental consent and a judicial waiver. Men must be at least 14-years-old and women 13 for parents to give consent.
  • Couples do not need to be residents of New Hampshire. However, since DOMA prevents same-sex marriage from being recognized on the federal level, gay and lesbian marriages performed in New Hampshire are only recognized within the state and in some states that also allow same-sex marriage.
  • Previously married couples must present a copy of their divorce decree or a death certificate.
New Hampshire Marriage License Expiration Date:
Marriage licenses in New Hampshire are valid for ninety (90) days.

Cost of Marriage Licenses in New Hampshire:
Couples can expect to pay at least $45 for their marriage license.

Rules on Officiates in New Hampshire:
Non-resident clergy need to receive a special license from the Secretary of State. All other licensed clerics can perform same-sex ceremonies, but under law can decline to officiate if they so choose.

Copy of Marriage Certificates in New Hampshire:
Married couples can request a copy of their marriage certificate by contacting the Bureau of Vital Records:

Bureau of Vital Records
6 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-4651

Marriage license requirements may vary by city and county. It is recommended that couples contact their local city and county clerk's office to verify specific requirements.

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