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How to Style Short, Straight Hair

    • 1). For volume styling, pump the foam twice into the palm of your hand. Put your two hands together and rub the product lightly in your hands. Comb your fingers through your hair so that the product is distributed from root to tip.

    • 2). Turn on your blow dryer. Wrap your hair around the styling brush, directing the nozzle of the dryer toward the brush. Continue doing this until your hair is dry.

    • 3). Heat up your curling iron on a low to medium setting. Starting at the crown of your head, clip the iron onto your ends and curl it down. Hold the iron their for 5 to 10 seconds and release it.

    • 4). Pick up another section of hair and repeat the same process. Do not disturb the curls until you have finished working your way around your head.

    • 5). Lightly mist hairspray all over your hair.

    • 6). Flip your head down and shake your hair around using your fingers to loosen the curls. Look at the finished product and determine if there is anywhere that needs to be touched up with the curling iron.

    • 7). To style with a flat, polished look, follow Step 1, then hold the brush underneath your hair and direct the nozzle of the blow dryer downward once your hair is almost dry. Continue doing this around your head until you have finished with all of your hair. This will make your hair look smooth and sleek.

    • 8). Brush your hair from left to right in the very front of your head. While you do this, direct the nozzle of your blow dryer downward following the movement of the brush.

    • 9). Turn your dryer to the cool setting and hold the dryer so that the nozzle is facing down toward your hair.

    • 10

      Use your fingers to lightly pull and straighten hair downward. The cool air will smooth the follicles of your hair and leave hair looking shiny.

    • 11

      Put 1 to 2 drops of the smoothing serum into the palm of your hand. Rub your two hands together and coat the ends of your hair lightly with the product.

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