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Wealth creation works according to a law first found in the book of Genesis.
"He said" and the result was Light.
In this practice is contained the Amazing Power of Spoken Focus.
You have the authority to use it.
Use - and you will be news.
You will be the next wealth creation success story.
Before you can use the Amazing Power of Spoken Focus you need to be absolutely clear on the steps you are going to take to put your wealth creation program in place.
Clear and committed thinking is the key to ongoing success.
If your wealth building program centers on the development of a real estate empire then visualize your first property deal.
Actually picture your first house.
Do a house inspection in your imagination and note details about the flooring,the appliances in the kitchen.
Even the view from the front of the house.
You will now be able to engage the Amazing Power of Spoken Focus as you describe to others the first goal in your wealth creation program.
In my city there was once a young missionary who came - with nothing but a vision and Spoken Focus - and declared over a run down waterside hotel that one day he would build a world class hotel on that site.
Today on that site stands a marvelous addition to the Marriott Hotel chain.
It all started with spoken focus.
You can start using this powerful tool today.
Copyright 2006 Kenneth Little

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