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Pirate Costumes at the Seaside

We have all heard of fancy dress parties and we know that they can be a great deal of fun.
Being surrounded by your friends and family dressed in ridiculous outfits of one kind or another is both amusing and enjoyable.
Dressing up is something that most of us enjoy because it gives us an excuse to take part in something that makes us forget about the more mundane things for a little while.
While the summer is still here and the weather is nice, why not use the fancy dress idea to do something a little bit different? Imagine a day out with your friends and your relatives at the coast.
Okay, so up to now this is nothing particularly unusual, but with a little bit of imagination it could be...
If your day trip has a strict dress code of pirate costumes only, then this will change everything quite dramatically.
A 'themed' day at the seaside.
As long as you don't mind onlookers giving you some rather puzzled glances then being amongst a group of people wearing pirate costumes could be a unique and very amusing experience.
Plan some activities together.
Obviously, it is pretty essential that you and your fellow buccaneers spend some time on the beach.
Being down by the sea and sand will immediately give greater authenticity to your pirate costumes.
With a little bit of imagination you could create a treasure hunt.
Perhaps you could print some treasure maps beforehand to take with you on your day out.
There is also the option of introducing some competitive events such as races, plastic sword fights and the like.
Take advantage of the seaside shops.
They stock all manner of toys that will go really well with your pirate costumes.
You will find muskets, swords and even eye patches that can easily be incorporated into your day.
Water pistols are a must if you are planning on having some battles over sunken treasure and who it belongs to.
Don't worry if there are no children in your group.
Why should it only be kids that have all of the fun? Try splitting your friends into two teams and organising some contests that will showcase their swashbuckling skills.
Perhaps the two sides could wear different coloured pirate costumes and have fitting names such as, 'The Black Buccaneers' or 'The Jolly Red Rogers'.
After everyone is tired of running around the beach shouting, 'Ahoy there' and 'Shiver me timbers' then why not unwind down at the boating lake? This will still be in keeping with your themed day out and is a great way of relaxing as well.
So, there is an idea for something that is a little bit more interesting to do during the summer this year.
Apart from the purchasing of your pirate costumes it is also not going to cost you too many 'pieces of eight' to organise.
However many people you choose to invite along on your trip, it is sure to be a day that everyone will remember.

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