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Bon Musica Violin Shoulder Rest Review: It Is Better Than Many Others

Every violin for sale you will stumble on comes with a shoulder pad. This thing has a very important use in everyday violin use. You could buy a violin shoulder rest separately if you want to. This item is all over the web, as many stores are selling it. The pad increases your comfort level when carrying the instrument. Since you have many options, it is easy to feel confused when buying. This explains why this review is very important. One of the most suitable shoulder rests is the Bon Musica. The product is Germany made, and it is special. If you are seriously searching for a good shoulder rest, this is good for you.

Product features include the following

• It fits any full size 4/4 violins

• The shoulder pad is completely adjustable

• It has a curved bar for extra support

Reasons why you need this violin shoulder rest

The Bon Musica is not just any other standard shoulder rest you have bought in the past. A special Germany product such as Bon is capable of giving you many more advantages. Many of you know that standard shoulder pads are not very reliable. They are specifically impossible when it comes to adjusting in various ways. This special violin shoulder is easy to adjust to the correct height. To fit your shoulder, simply bend the curved bar. This prevents the instrument from sliding off without pressing too much downwards from the chin.

Since this rest is very reliable, its price range is reasonable too. However, it will cost extra cash compared to the usual shoulder rests. It will certainly provide a comfortable and a relaxed bonding with your violin. One thing you have to care about is your posture, as you play the violin. Many common shoulder pads are short and not very adjustable. Even as these products are very cheap, your posture matters a lot because it has everything to do with good or bad health. With Bon Musica, this problem is over.

The item goes high, and its back hooks on your shoulder top. No wonder everyone is recommending it in various online sites. It is ideal for people with different body frames, including the tall and short. Unlike other shoulder rests that feel as if you are dropping them when playing, Bon Musica is different. You will find it easy to move your left hand up and down the neck of the violin. In addition, you will feel comfortable when using the violin, as the shoulder pad gives it a secure grip.

For its price, you are really getting the value for your money. To state the truth, based on the information from other users, this violin shoulder rest is the ultimate choice. It is inexpensive, sturdy, and durable. What else would you ask for? Everyone who is so sick of making the wrong choice had better choose this style. Those who have used it says the shoulder pad feels much more comfortable, and reliable than several others they have used. You will use it often and never find any reasons to damp it.

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