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Six Basic Tips on How to Keep Your Jewellery Safe

The ultimate symbol of luxury is jewellery.  How unglamorous would it be if you lost one of earrings in a party? Or someone broke into your home like the Bling Ring that paid Paris Hilton's home a visit a few years ago? That's just not fabulous. When you buy jewellery online, keeping them safe isn't really the first thing that goes in your mind. Instead, you think of what outfits you will be wearing them with. But before ever experiencing jewellery loss, learn a few tips on how to keep them safe. Silver-Jewelry-Care-640x285.jpg

            If there is one thing that most buyers neglect it's how to keep their jewellery safe. If you already have a bunch of jewellery and you don't know how to keep them properly, here are a few things you should jot down.
  1. Don't put all your jewellery in one place. If possible, scatter them neatly in different places. Only put the ones you use the most in your bedroom. This is to make it harder for possible burglars from getting all your stuff at once.
  2. When hiding your other jewellery, put them in places where other people would least expect you are keeping them there. The obvious drawers and closets are giveaways already. There are "sockets" for jewellery sold in the market today. They look like normal sockets but they are actually jewellery safes. Talk about something funky yet still functional.
  3. Getting a safe is a great idea as well. Make sure it is hidden in a place no one can easily see. You know, the type of place that requires a little digging. The password should be a secret, you know that. Treat it as your ATM pin. If forgetting the password is your problem, get an upgrade with a safe that has a biometric scanner. All you need to do is put your thumb or your palm on the pad and it will scan it for you.
  4. Never leave the locks open. Yes, even if you were to only get something from the kitchen and be back for a couple of minutes. Open jewellery storage is like an open invitation for anyone to get your jewellery. Hook them up to your security system to double the protection if you're a tad bit more paranoid.
  5. Don't leave your jewellery in your safe all the time. Like you, they will need to "breathe". Having them in your hands is a subtle reminder for you to clean or wipe them with a soft cloth. You bought your jewellery for a reason and that is to be worn in public. Don't be shy to be glamorous once in a while or too fearful to just keep your jewellery locked in eternally. Use it! Just don't forget to put them back in your safe after.
  6. If you are in a hotel during a vacation, do not leave your jewellery in your luggage when you go out. As much as possible, leave them with the hotel's safe. They keep their money there as well so you know your babies are in good hands. There are less chances of losing them because less people know the security code. The one built in the room are easier to open.

            These are the six basic things you should know when it comes to keeping the babies you bought from online jewellery storessafe. 

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