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Ring Repairs Services From Your Local Jewelers

Rings are made from malleable material, so it is not unexpected that your ring's shape may become imperfect over time. You might notice your ring becoming less than perfectly round, and your precious gemstone in danger of falling off its setting. Whether your ring is made of gold, silver, or some other metals, there are services to make your ring stay beautiful for longer.

Ring sizing is the most common service people return to jewelry shops for. This is applicable if your beloved's engagement ring or either of your wedding rings does not fit properly. This is also applicable if you have your mother's or grandmother's old engagement or wedding ring for your future bride, and the ring does not fit or is out of shape. Ring sizing services can make your ring a perfect size while keeping it free from blemishes.

Older rings are brought to the jeweler for stone tightening. Most engagement and/or wedding rings have gemstones set with prongs; modern rings spice up this conventional setting with tension rings and traditional bezel rings. However, the malleable metal setting can loosen over time; after several years, you might be able to move the stone within its setting. To prevent your precious stone from falling off altogether, you can have a jeweler tighten the setting.

If your ring has a prong setting, this may become so worn that it breaks when the ring is old. Jewelers have prong services that tighten, replace, or repair prongs. This can protect precious gemstones, especially diamonds, from falling off. Most cases of fallen or missing diamonds are because of broken prongs.

Houston jewelers repair some of their clients' jewelry with soldering. Soldering is a metalworking technique involving joining pieces together by melting a filler material onto the objects to form a bond. This technique is also used to make elaborately artistic pieces like twisted wire rings; soldering is also done to repair rings which were initially crafted with soldering.

The jewelers Houston residents approach can also repair bracelets and necklaces. They take pride in repairing simple or elaborate chains of bracelets, necklaces, and chandelier earrings. Chain repairs are done cleanly and quickly; your bracelet, necklace, or chandelier earrings can come to you clean and shiny.

Many clients who go to jewelry Houston shops choose silver for its hypoallergenic properties or white gold for a tougher material than yellow gold. Both silver and white gold can become scratched and worn over time. Clients would be glad to know there are shops they can go to for rhodium plating, a process where a jeweler coats the ring with this shiny metal to achieve added brilliance and for its scratch-resistant properties. For more information, see

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