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Koi Gardens - An Entire World Inside Your Backyard

So, you have heard of flower gardens, and probably vegetable gardens, but how about koi gardens? A koi garden is another name for the landscape and ecosystem that includes as its centerpiece a freshwater pond that contains koi fish.
Koi fish are beautiful multi-colored Japanese carp.
They inhabit the decorative freshwater ponds at popular attractions all over the world and are often included in the landscaped backyards of homeowners as well.
Creating a koi garden can be a wonderful addition to your landscaped yard, but can be an expensive proposition as well.
The dig and finish a freshwater pond properly will certainly cost thousands of dollars.
The finished product though will add years of enjoyment to your private getaway and can increase the value of your home and property as well.
The actual makeup of what is considered a koi garden is really very simple.
All you need is the freshwater koi pond, various plants and flowers of your choosing, and of course, koi fish.
A quick note about buying koi fish: While American koi fish are readily found at pet shops everywhere for just a few dollars, extremely rare Japanese koi can sell for as much as $100,000 or more.
Until you get the hang of caring for and nurturing your per koi, it might be better to purchase some of the more inexpensive ones to start.
When choosing a location for your koi pond, you want to avoid directly sunlight.
This can be tough as well because if you choose to cover your pond with trees or plants, your koi garden will require more work as you will have to constantly clean the fallen leaves and sticks from the pond.
You also must be careful of cut grass that can get into the koi garden's freshwater ecosystem.
If your lawn has been spread with chemicals or pesticides, this can harm or even kill your fish.
Choosing plants to surround your beautiful koi garden must be done with care as well.
Koi are omnivorous so they will eat plants and animals.
If you have plants or flowers that hang down or into the water, rest assured they will become the lunch of a passing koi from time to time.
In addition, potted plants that are in the water may get their share of trouble as well.
The ever curious fish, koi will often dig into and destroy the plants that are a key focus of a well landscaped koi garden.
To prevent this, koi garden owners often place stones in the dirt to help hold it in place and discourage the koi from digging.
Water Lilies make excellent plant additions for your koi garden as they are well suited to the wet environment and their stems are strong to help withstand wind, weather, and of course, curious koi fish.
A well kept koi garden can be an attractive and entertaining addition to anyone's home.
Caring for and watching the playful koi in this serene environment can help to relieve stress and add years of enjoyment for you and your family.

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