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ABA Therapy Offers Significant Hope For Normalcy

When many parents first learn that their child has autism, they experience a myriad of emotions.
For many parents, there is relief.
Many parents do not know that something is different with their child until major milestones are missed, such as first words, or when they discover that their child is just not connecting with people.
After relief, many parents experience worry or fear that their child may not have a high quality of life or that they may never experience the world as most people do.
With ABA Therapy, however, another emotion that these parents experience is hope.
ABA Therapy is the oldest certified treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Long proven to be highly successful, ABA Therapy combines different methods of teaching in order to literally help children with an ASD learn how to learn.
Started early and performed intensively, ABA Therapy is able to help a large number of kids stay on par with other children their own age, in many cases helping them to go through school without any of their classmates ever detecting that they are different.
While not a cure for Autism, ABA Therapy does offer a chance for recovery.
ABA prepares kids for school, social situations, and even the workplace in later years.
It also teaches proper behavior and social reactions.
ABA Training can help to literally rewire a childís brain, helping to create needed nerve synapses that trigger appropriate responses and facilitate critical and creative thinking.
ABA Therapy uses a combination of intensive training, repetition, and rewards.
Typically, ABA Therapy is conducted for at least 40 hours weekly.
Kids are initially asked a question and given the answer.
They are rewarded for repeating the same answer.
Eventually fewer and fewer prompts are given until the child can answer the question independently.
ABA Training can be difficult for many parents, as the controlled environment can cause children to become uncomfortable or agitated.
One part of ABA Therapy is to ignore negative behavior and to recognize only appropriate behavior, teaching children that there is a reward for proper behavior.
ABA Therapy also works with the fact that autistic children see all stimuli as equal.
By utilizing a reward system, the therapy teaches kids that some stimuli should be weighted more importantly than others.
In short, for many parents ABA Therapy offers a significant deal of hope.
While there is no cure for an Autism Spectrum Disorder and results depend on many things, the therapy offers some benefit to all families.
Whether it simply makes a significant improvement or helps your child to experience full recovery, there is little argument that ABA Training is an excellent way to improve the quality of life for your child and your family as a whole.

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