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How to Transfer Music From a Backup Disk to the iPod Touch

    • 1). Import the files in question from your external hard drive into iTunes. Connect your drive to your computer with its USB cable, launch iTunes, open the "File" menu and click "Import." Navigate to your external hard drive, hold down the "Ctrl" key and click the names of all the songs you want to import. To import all songs, right-click within the dialog box and click "Select All." Click "Open" once you've selected your songs to import them.

    • 2). Connect your iPod Touch to your computer. Wait until you've finished importing tracks if you've enabled automatic syncing on your device. If your device syncs with iTunes before all your tracks are imported, only the ones you've imported at the point you begin the sync end up on your iPod Touch.

    • 3). Sync your iPod Touch with iTunes once you've finished importing tracks. If you haven't enabled automatic syncing, double-click your iPod Touch's name in iTunes' left frame, then click "Sync" under the "Summary" tab. Wait until iTunes tells you it's fine to eject your iPod Touch, then disconnect your device.

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