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Large Trees That You Can Shape That Look Oriental

    • Signature characteristics of oriental trees are that are relatively large, or squat low-maintenance trees that produce either berries or small citrus fruits. Oriental trees are often evergreen with triangular skirting and can be trimmed, sculpted and styled into bonsai subjects. When selecting a large tree for an Oriental shape, choose a tree that benefits from pruning and shaping, like for fruit cropping and healthy growth.

    Oriental Persimmon

    • The oriental persimmon tree grows in diverse conditions and can be shaped.persimmon tree in snow image by kelly marken from Fotolia.com

      The oriental persimmon grows up to 25 feet tall and at least 25 feet wide at the crown. Because the tree has a compact spreading growth habit and low-maintenance requirements, it is relatively simple to grow and offers ornamental orange fruits and bright red leaves in fall. For shaping this large oriental tree, gardeners generally train young persimmons so that the first limb is 3 to 4 feet from the ground. This pruning technique develops a strong framework of main branches; otherwise, fruit at the tips of the branches may cause breakage. Persimmons can also be pruned heavily as a hedge, as a screen, or as espalier, in which the trees' branches run along a wall or fence.

    Fig Trees

    • Fig trees can start in pots then grow outdoors, where they reach soaring heights.fig on a rock image by Brett Mulcahy from Fotolia.com

      A deciduous, woody, thick-twigged fruit tree, the fig makes an ideal shaping subject. The common fig tree can grow up to 50 ft tall, but they typically grow to 10 to 30 feet tall. While fig trees are productive with or regular pruning, the trees grow best in a shape if trained according to the use of fruit. Training the treetop lower with ropes or stakes creates fresh, market-ready edible figs. Shape the tree into oriental forms, like topiary style. Shaping the tree in spring and summer is better, as heavy winter pruning causes crop loss. Dwarf fig trees can also be trained into an oriental shapes. In this constricted container form, you can shape a fig tree into a round ball-top shape or stacked round forms, or into dramatic bonsai forms.

    Hinoki Cypress

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