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Early treatment of skin cancer is the way to prevent death and generally most all skin cancers can be treated and or cured.
Malignant Melanoma is the big killer, but if it is caught early it too is usually curable.
There are three major types of skin cancer as per the Center for Disease and Control (CDC); "The three major types of skin cancer are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma.
" If you have light skin and light features such as blond hair, red hair, blue or green eyes, or light skin you are much more susceptible to skin cancer than other folks.
But also consider if you work outside all your life, then you will be at risk too.
For Melanoma the most deadly type of skin cancer if not treated can be rather obvious to doctors as it will be non-symmetrical and have multiple shades of dark spots.
Perhaps if you see this on you, you may wish to get a check up? Skin cancer is your responsibility and luckily due to early treatment the number of people who have die from skin cancer is a lot less than it use to be.
If you have had people in your family who have had skin cancer it makes sense to have your skin spots checked out to make sure that they are not cancerous.
If have had really bad sun burns as a child you maybe more susceptible in later life and another reason to pay a little more attention to your skin.
Please remember with skin cancer it is your responsibility and early detection means extremely good chances of successful treatment or cures.
Consider all this in 2006.

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