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Sony Yellow Light of Death - 3 Ways to Repair PS3 Yellow Light of Death

Did you try to boot your console only to find it wont just come on? When you booted the console, did it boot for a bit, then made three beeps before showing a faint yellow light and a steady red light? If it did, then chances are that you just had the Sony yellow light of death that happens to the PS3 console.
Isn't it just plain annoying and vexing when you boot your PS3 console only to find it won't come on.
There are many causes of this.
But the most important thing right now if finding a way to fix Sony yellow light of death.
Here are a few tips to help with that.
You Can Send it Back to Sony If your warranty is still valid, the first thing to do is to send the console back to Sony.
This usually costs nothing other than the shipping costs.
However there are some risks attached to this.
People who have sent in their PS3 have been known to lose all their saved games as they could either refurbish, format or even replace the HDD.
But, if you don't mind all these, you can still send it in.
If your warranty is void or expires, it will cost $150 to fix plus extra expenses.
Send to a Repair Shop If the first option scares you, try sending the console to a PS3 repair shop.
This will cost you less -$50-$100- and often comes with a 3 month warranty.
The risks associated with this however, is that saved games may or may not be lost and it can take about 3-4 weeks before you can get your console 3.
Repair Sony Yellow Light of Death Yourself Is this possible? Hell yeah! There are instructional videos and guides that will help you do this effectively.
If you loath the idea of parting from your console and repairing it permanently, so the Sony yellow light of death doesn't occur again, you should use opt for this method.
Its is cheap, fast and very effective.

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