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With the popularity of social networking software and websites growing at such tremendous rates, designing and starting your own website may seem like a glorious idea! After all, current statistics show that the popular online community, MySpace, receives more visitors a day than Google, a very popular search engine. However, before you make any final decisions about starting a virtual community offering social network software, it is important to first do some research of your own.

Online community network is more than just building friendship, or relationship for that matter. It helps in building communication with people, and this could be utilized to your business benefits. To do that, you would need to provide the features for creation of stronger networking ties between people, and when such ties develop, your customer base increases, building up a brand for your social networking site.

One good way to research to determine which types of social networking software are most popular with internet users, is to preview different community software tools for you. You may need to become a registered member of several different online communities in order to test out the social network software tools provided by each website. In most online communities, the basic networking tools, to aid in communication, are offered with a free membership. However, in some online communities, advanced social networking software tools are provided against a small monthly fee. Either way, it is a good idea to try the different software, prior to starting a social networking website. In doing so, you will be building knowledge to help you determine which type of community software tools you wish to provide.

Another way you should consider researching before starting a social networking website that offers community software tools is to read about some of the current most popular networking websites, and determine what keeps them so popular. Communicating with different members of the most popular online communities is a great way to determine factors that keep particular communities so popular. Be sure to ask a lot of questions, and you'll likely be surprised how many people are eager to answer.

In starting a social networking site, it is very important for you to have a plan for targeting the right people in the community. The choice of social network software would allow you to put in features, which would be appropriate for the people that you would want to join your network. For example, instead of career and school sections, you could have the interactive game feature, aiming to build the brain strength of your members. Your social networking software may also provide news on entertainment, a hobby section for older people, and tips how to keep healthy. It could have forums, where members would discuss regarding the relevant matters, and a place for blogging, which the members could use as journals. There would of course be a space provided to your members to put up their profiles, which form an important part in such social networking scenario. You could also consider putting in a profile tracker feature, by which the members would know how many times his profile has been viewed.

The social network software that you choose would mostly depend upon your plan of approach for the networking site that you have in mind. After choosing the kind of people that you would want to target, you need to have a clear conception on what you are going to provide in the site. This would determine the choice of your social network software. Your social networking site may allow the member groups, which would perhaps include business groups and others, to create online communities, and this could be provided free. This would provide the initial member base, to create vast numbers of community network by inviting friends.

By starting a social networking site, you would benefit from the growing customer base that the social networking software would build up for you. This would create your own brand, expand your customer base, increase traffic to the online communities of your web site, boost your revenue, and increase market differentiation. Your social networking site should have enough features to retain the customers, and you should have a plan to add more and more features, as your customer base grows.

One fact remains - social network software continues to grow in popularity, and the growth is predicted to continue. Since the development of the first social networking website in 1995, more and more people are finding themselves becoming actively involved in different online communities. Starting your own social networking website may be a great idea, but you should do extensive research before making any final decisions.

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