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Attraction With a Woman - Can You Make Her Smile?

If you really want to have a magic bullet to create attraction with a woman, then you have to be able to make her smile.
Yes, the simple act of making a woman smile can not only increase your success with women, it can turn your entire dating life around.
Just think about it.
Instead of spending your time searching for a mythical and magical way to attract a woman, all you have to do is learn how to make a woman smile.
If it's that easy, then why aren't you out there and attracting women left and right? Simple answer.
She's got to smile, but it has to be more than just a friendly smile that she would give any guy.
Half of the time a woman will smile at a guy that she feels NO attraction for.
So, how do you make a woman smile AND feel that attraction? Be funny.
Humor is a simple and effective way to make a woman feel attraction for you.
There have been numerous polls and studies that show that humor is one of those traits that women worldwide place a high value on.
So, you want to be able to make her smile and laugh as well.
Don't just end at being funny though.
The doofy guy that makes everyone laugh but NEVER gets any action can be funny and make her smile.
This is just the starting point.
From here, you have to elevate that little appeal that you have with her and build it into something more.
Discover how to turn that smile and that laughter into sexual attraction.
If you can do this, the choices are nearly limitless for you.
When you walk into a bar or a nightclub, you can scope out the crowd, find a woman that you desire, and make YOUR move.

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