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Confident Women Wearing Hot Dresses Are Wonderful

OMG can my girl friend get sexy!
The other night, we planned an evening out. We agreed that I would pick her up at 7:00 - roughly an hour before sunset. I got ready as usual - got showered, cleaned the car, drank a beer and brushed my teeth. No, I stopped brushing my teeth with beer when I was in college! But I'm getting distracted.

My girlfriend is definitely a girly-girl. She thoroughly enjoys dressing up. And wow! She sure looks good when she gets dressed up! She surely has a thousand hot dresses. She thoroughly enjoys dresses. She says she feels more feminine and flirty when wearing them - especially when wearing hot pink dresses or when styling in one of her short black hot dresses.

On this night however, she really outdid herself. My eyes nearly shot out of my head. She was, of cource sporting one of the hottest of her hot dresses. She was sporting a shape fitting, hot pink dress with a plunging neckline that revealed the surface of her breasts is the most sensuous, but sophisticated way. She wasn't obscene in any way. This was a dress that she "owned". She looked like a movie star, and nothing less. Every feature about her was perfect. Her lipstick matched the dress, and the Derby Day - like bonnet she was wearing helped to draw my eyes back to where they should be. She was taking so much pleasure from just being sexy and coy simultaneously. Her silver earrings and necklace dangled in the most delicious and bewitching way. I was so captivated I could hardly talk or drive.

Sometimes, she enjoys wearing hot boots with her hot dresses. Tonight was one of those times. I am not sure what the hot boots were constructive of, but they had laces up the calf and a high gloss sheen to them. These hot pink boots, as with the hat she was wearing, perfectly accented her hot dress.

She could host a clinic for girls who desired to look sexy for their lovers. She is so good at creating romance, and enchantment. In one instant, she is amorous, the next sophisticated, and the next a sensual bombshell that leaves me breathless.

One of her hot dresses that I most enjoy is red. She enjoys wearing that dress when we go out. The bottom of the dress is all frayed and the fabric dangles like feathers. She kids that she uses the feather like look to captivate all of the men, soley to later shatter their hearts when she departs the party with me.

When we go out for a white tablecloth dinner, she usually chooses one of her long, elegant, hot dresses. She has just a perfect body that she makes any dress look incredible. I have to work particularly conscientiously to look good next to her. Any way, when we enter into a restaurant, men and women simultaneously turn to gawk at her.

To you ladies reading this, I will say this. There aren't that many females as spectacular as my girl friend. However, if you exercise regularly, eat right and take time to find some hot dresses and hot boots, you will turn your share of heads. Just take some time to practice, and hot pink dresses, and alternative hot dresses that make you feel sexy. With that practice, your self assuredness will grow, and with that confidence will come the attention you want.

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