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Christmas Crafts Using Jewelry Beads

    • Christmas crafts are very popular and using jewelry beads is an easy way to make something small that will look very special and unique. You can make things besides ornaments with jewelry beads. Broaches and earrings in Christmas designs are very popular to make and wear and will garner a lot of complements.

    Snowflake Ornaments

    • Ornaments are an easy craft to make with jewelry beads, and can be used for so many purposes. You can decorate your tree, give several as a gift or use them as decorations on a present. Snowflakes look very delicate and elegant when made out of jewelry beads.

      This first snowflake ornament found on utilizes blue seed beads and clear hexagonal cut beads. Using these beads, some wire and pliers, you can create a delicate snowflake. If you like, you can use different colors in place of the blue, for a different look. Making a few different ones would be nice if you are giving them as gifts. This ornament is easy enough that children can put them together.

      Another snowflake ornament made from jewelry beads is found on This ornament uses silver-white beads and white seed beads. The snowflake is strung on one piece of nylon string or wire and shaped into a snowflake. Blue beads would look nice interspersed with the white ones, as well.


    • These snowman earrings are very cute and simple to make. You can use any type of rounded beads you like, in white, for the snowman's body. To create the hat, simply stack two black sequins topped by two smaller black beads for hat top. You will need a few spacer beads and shepherd's hook earring wires, and then you're all set to simply layer them on the wire.

      While not as simple as the snowmen, these Christmas tree earrings look very nice. Green and other multi-colored Japanese seed beads are used. These are very small, so you will use quite a few to create these tree earrings. They are created on one length of nylon string or wire, which is looped around and through the beads to form a Christmas tree. It is finished off with a shepherd's hook earring wire.

    Other Craft Ideas

    • Another ornament idea is to make a Christmas wreath. These directions call for blue beads, although you could easily use all green, if you like. This is a unique wreath because the offshoots of wire are twisted around a 1/8 inch dowel, so that it looks like a spring. The wire used is green and blue, but again, all green could be used if you wished.

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