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Why People Should Entertain Them by Watching This Media?

People always prefer watching television for their entertainment most of their leisure time. But it's always a question that what kind of program is suitable to watch as we know there are many more shows and program going on in different channel.

It's always vital to select why we give time to any channel and what we learn from it? This type of question must be there with everyone. When we entertain our self through any media we must understand what we learn from it so that we can give value to our time. When we are willing to watch any show we must select the best out of many. In these type of choices Tolo TV is one of the most popular channel among country inside in Afghanistan. An extension of the nation's most popular channel TOLO TV apolitical format is trusted and respected by audiences, and its programs provide an unparalleled level of in-depth current affairs coverage spanning across Afghanistan's political, cultural and regional interests.

Now this channel is provided through internet, television etc.
This channel always safeguards the interest of viewers which is matter lot to any lay man. If we pass a look into the history of Tolo TV we can see that this channel was launched in 2004, TOLO TV has set the standards in television programming in Afghanistan by offering innovative, dynamic content loved by audiences across the country. Pioneering news and entertainment, TOLO TV has pushed the envelope and raised the bar for quality content. The award-winning, market-leading channel has captured 45% of audiences in Afghanistan. Included in its portfolio are homegrown programs like the nation's first drama series €Raz ha een Khana€, music talent quest €Afghan Star€ and a slew of ground breaking current affairs shows, as well as formats such as Deal or No Deal (€Gangina€) and a lineup of dubbed international programs that hail from South America, US and Turkey including €Prison Break€, €5 Sisters€, €Broken Hearts€, €Daniel€ and €El Cartel€.

TOLO TV won an award at the Seoul International Drama Awards in 2011 for its action series €Eagle 4€ and in 2008 for popular drama €Raz ha Een Khana€ (Secrets of this House). It received the Reporters Sans Frontier (RSF) Foundation de France Prize for contributing the most to press freedom in Afghanistan for its current affairs show €The 630 Report€. Now this channel is found everywhere in the country so any one can watch any program without having any hesitation. TOLO TV is available in Dari and Pashto on terrestrial transmission in Afghanistan and on satellite across the region.
So there is no doubt about this channel's performance in the country side and without any evidence now we can make the best choice over this channel cause this channel has already proved its reputation in the history.

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