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How to Create a Memory Review Game from Your Evernote Notes

Students and teachers spend much of their time trying to efficiently assimilate information, or help others to do so. Why not make it more fun?

You may have opportunities where a memory game could help you remember stuff.

Using Evermatch for Evernote 

Evermatch is an app that lets you create a memory game for definitions, concepts, and just about any other collection of knowledge, by integrating with your existing Evernote account and notes.

The app does this by duplicating your notes then hiding each one under a virtual sticky note. You then try to match like pairs before you use up all your allotted attempts or the timer runs out, by tapping on sticky notes to turn them over. 

You can customize the difficulty level settings. This can be done a few ways, including giving the game permission to select notes at random. Alternatively, you can specify the time frame from which you would like the game to pull Evernote notes.

Obviously, this game will be useful depending on what type of notes and information you have captured in your notes. 

Other memory games or tools for Evernote include:


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