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The Distinctive Features of an Electric Wheelchair

The invention of electric wheelchair has been a major breakthrough in the history of mankind.
Also known as power chairs, the use of these wheelchairs have proved beneficial to many disabled and sick people who would have found it impossible to move around otherwise.
Identify the Different Types in Electric Wheelchair Basically there are three types of power chairs and they can be classified as: Front Wheel powered wheelchairs: though not as powerful as the rear wheel powered chairs, they are commonly used by people to move around indoors.
Compared to the rear wheel chairs, front wheel chairs are much more flexible.
Rear Wheel powered wheelchairs: one of the most popular and powerful wheelchairs, the rear wheel powered chairs are faster and perfect for outdoors.
But it is not as flexible as the front wheel chairs as it does not support smooth turning facilities.
Mid Wheel powered wheelchairs: this electric wheelchair is not suitable for uneven surfaces.
Its turning functions are a bit tough and it is quite unsteady.
An electric wheelchair is driven either by belts or gears.
The belt driven wheelchairs are convenient to use but they require constant maintenance though they are very quiet.
The gear driven wheelchairs require lesser maintenance but it wears out quickly and thereby produces more noise while moving.
People Who Benefit From the Use of Power Chairs It is not just the disabled people who benefit from the use of these power chairs.
Electric wheelchair is also used by people who are sick and find it difficult to move around.
It can also prove beneficial to those people who are recuperating from major surgeries.
Even those suffering from cardiovascular diseases find the use of these power wheelchairs very beneficial.
There are many varieties of wheelchairs.
You can also find power wheelchairs for children which are entirely different from the adult wheelchairs.
Electric wheelchair is available in different styles and features.
It is quiet important to choose a power chair that suits your need and requirements.
Power chairs are available in different rates in many of the online stores.
You can easily find a number of electric wheelchair manufacturers in the online business directories.
A variety of power chairs which are both heavy and light can be obtained from these stores.
There are wheelchairs which are portable, foldable and also those which can be disassembled.
The electric wheelchair is powered by an electric motor which runs on batteries.
Most of the power wheel chairs are controlled by a device called joystick but there are other controllers too in different power wheel chairs.
Some of the controllers in the power wheelchairs include chin controller, sack controller and hand controller.
The joysticks can be used for many other functions like tilting, leg elevation and seat elevation.
You can choose wheelchairs with required controllers according to disabilities.
Today the electric wheelchair has been customised to suit the needs of quadriplegics.
Nonetheless, the invention of power wheelchair made by George Klein made him a legend in the field of science and technology.

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