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To Be A Successful Leader

Don't ask your people to do more than you are willing to do. As a leader, your own preparation for everything you do has to be exemplary. If you are dedicated to success and will do whatever it takes to achieve it, the rest of your team will be, too.

As a leader, your high standards of performance, attention to detail, and above all-how hard you work set the stage for how your players perform. A lot of leaders want to tell people what to do, but they don't provide the example. "Do as I say, not as I do," doesn't cut it when leading people to a destination of success.

Having friendly and supportive co-workers leads to increased job satisfaction. The behavior of one's boss is a major determinant of satisfaction. Studies find that empoyee satisfaction in increased when the immediate supervisor is understanding and friendly, offers praise for good performance, listens to employee's opinions, and shows a personal interest in them.

The activities of an organization can only be achieved through the combined efforts of its members. The relationship between the organization and its members is governed by what motivates them to work and the satisfaction they derive from it. The manager needs to understand how to elicit the co-operation of staff and direct their performance to achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. He must know how best to motivate staff so that they work willingly and effectively.

Lack of respect and credibility is one of the critical leadership issues of our country today. With the rapid changes continuing in organizations today, the typical employees sees little pain occuring at the top. Usually we're so busy with our tasks we forget that, above all else, what our people want most of all from us is us--our values, our attitudes, our perceptions etc. In the long run, it's not our skills or our know-how or our experience that makes the bigget impact-we are the main message!

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