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Taking Jesus to Court

What if, we could take Jesus to court? If he is God, he could actually testify for himself, provide a couple of miracles, maybe a few mind reading tricks, along with a couple of future predictions of current events and convince everyone on the planet individually that he is actually God.
I don't have a problem with this, and I don't think that most atheists, Christians or other religious followers would have a problem with it either.
Let's get down to the bottom of this as soon as possible.
Let's clear things up once and for all and prove that Jesus is actually God and Christianity is the best religion to belong to.
The first thing we're going to need is a judge, jury and a few lawyers.
We're going to need some of the best and the brightest lawyers on the planet and it won't matter what language they speak, because God's going to be at the trial and he could provide us with some sort of mind trick to make everyone in the courtroom understand everyone.
I can see it now, Jesus proves that he is God and convinces everyone on the planet that he is the one true way and we can all quit studying the other religions.
Muslims and Hindus will convert to Christianity and we will all get to meet in Heaven one day and live a life of eternal bliss.
The only problem with this scenario is nobody knows where Jesus is.
Jesus won't come down to testify or prove that he is actually who he says he is.
I would like to send a special message to Jesus," Jesus please come down to earth and prove to everyone that you are actually God and if you don't choose to come soon, this world will continue to live in chaos.
" How can a compassionate and loving God, let starvation and greed destroy the lives of so many.
Prove to your creation that you are actually the one true God and put everything to rest or soon you will find yourself in the company of Zeus and other historical god like figures, never to be worshiped again.

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