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Save My Relationship

Currently I'm in my lowest point of my relationship, but of course I couldn't lie that
I don't love my girlfriend despite of the coldness that we're experiencing right now.
I've been thinking a lot on how I can save my relationship. It's actually a big question or
it's rather just a question. Can I really save my relationship?

Yes of course, I can still save my relationship, since I've been reading the book, The
Secret and this really gave me a great source of light or should I say something that will keep my hopes up,
"thoughts become things" as a close friend of mine had always said this line to me. Therefore, before I start
saying some solutions, I should say I can save my relationship and you should say that as well to yourself,
it really helps a lot; it keeps the optimism in you.

There are actually three points that I want to consider in order for me to save my relationship with my girlfriend,
setting the points aside is that we're actually engaged. The three that I want to emphasize are Honesty, Forgiveness
and Communication.

Honesty, is one of the most important things in a relationship since these is where we usually get all those fights
and arguments between boyfriends and girlfriends. Therefore, to save my relationship, or not even needing to save it,
I should be very honest on every means possible. Since this will cause doubts on our partners if we keep on lying.
Therefore just trying to be honest is a very important thing to maintain in a relationship.

Forgiveness is hard most of the time, actually forgiveness and understanding must come together, because
in the first place not everyone is perfect. I'm sure both parties, the girlfriend and the boyfriend experiences
struggles or create mistakes that hurt the other. Therefore being forgiving is a very important factor in a
relationship but I would like to call it understanding. Since without these trials, it won't make a relationship
strong, most especially if you both decide to get married in the future. It'll be sometimes worthwhile to think back,
recall and learn from what you have experienced, which I know is a very vital point in saving my relationship.

Communication, this is a very essential pillar of a relationship to where we should keep on maintaining not just by saving
my relationship but as well as keeping my relationship worthwhile, this is where we experience both joy and
disappointments, but despite of both things setting them aside, or keeping a communication unconditionally is
very important in saving one's relationship since this is where the forgiveness comes from, this is where honesty
is proven including the actions of course. To save my relationship I know that I should keep on maintaining this.

To save my relationship as a whole, I think that I should set up a date with her, maybe just a simple dinner
where I could have a conversation with her with some flowers right after perhaps, but basically this is just
a part of the meal but the main course are always the three points that I should consider to save my relationship.

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