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Best Ideas To Keep in Mind While Decorating the Bathroom

Bathroom is that room of the house where we spend some time every day and expect to come out of it more relaxed and feeling fresh.
Bathroom decoration is often neglected assuming that it is unimportant because only a small time is spent there.
However, a well decorated bathroom can affect your mood drastically.
You do not need to go outside and spend on relaxation therapies and you can do the same within the walls of your own bathroom.
Bathroom decoration requires a little creativity and tastefulness on your part.
It does not need to be expensive and convenience of use should be kept in mind while decorating the bathroom.
Before you start, make sure there is no pending repair work or leakage in the bathroom.
Else it might just destroy your decoration if the repair becomes urgent later on.
Below are some tips on how to go about bathroom decoration.
To start with, get curtains for windows and bath tub, matching with the color of floor and walls.
Use bright colored curtains and make the lighting arrangement in such a way that the brightness o the light can be varied depending on the mood.
Make sure how you want your bathroom to look and think of a theme for it.
There is a huge variety of designer makeup mirrors, soap dispensers, holders for toilet paper, brushes and other bathroom accessories.
Buy them based on your theme and place them appropriately in the bathroom.
Make sure you do not get carried away by the aesthetic appeal of the accessories and select an item that is also convenient to use.
You will be surprised to see how such small accessories can add to the look of your bathroom.
Vanity area should also match with the theme of the bathroom.
A new towel set with contrast color would be a good choice.
Towels can be of bright color and if matching with the color of bath mats, can draw good attention.
If there is some space, live plants, potpourri and well placed scented candles can add to the beauty of the bathroom and also give it a spa-like feel.
For a bathroom with higher budget spa and Jacuzzi bath tubs can be added to add more style and luxury to the place.
If you hire an interior designer for your bathroom, be involved, ask him questions and make sure he understands your preferences.
Also let him ask you questions because the more he understands the requirement, the better he can decorate the bathroom the way you want it.
Whether it is a huge royal bathroom look or a modern simplistic look, the bathroom should feel comfortable and display a hint of your personality.
While decorating the bathroom, remember that it is your private space and not a place for public display of stylish accessories.
Good and expensive items in the bathroom are worth only if it is easy to keep the bathroom clean and tidy.
A budget bathroom can also look good and be relaxing; it all depends on how you use the best of what you have.

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