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Fiesta Party Crafts

    Mexican Faux Pottery

    • All you need is a paper plate and some acrylic paints to craft your own Mexican "pottery." You may want to sketch your design on a piece of scrap paper first before painting it onto the plate. Some popular design ideas are Aztec-style suns, lizards and deer. Paint the entire plate a color to simulate pottery, such as light brown, yellow or orange. Next, paint your main design onto the center of the plate using black paint and a smaller brush. Decorate the rim of the plate with designs and curlicues. The paint should dry fairly quickly.

    Mini Sombrero Decoration

    • Create a tiny sombrero with a plastic foam cup and a small paper plate. Using acrylic paint, paint the outside of the cup and the top of the plate light brown. Hot-glue the cup (upside down) to the middle of the plate to form a hat shape. Decorate the sombrero by hot-gluing felt strips around the base of the cup and colorful pom-poms around the brim of the hat.

    Paper Plate Maracas

    • Get ready to shake up some Mexican music with simple-to-make maracas. Fill a paper plate with dried beans, then staple a second paper plate on top of that one to enclose the beans inside. Lay out items to decorate the maracas, such as streamers, markers, stickers, tape and paints.

    Papel Picado

    • Mexican paper-cutting creates beautiful designs that are sometimes very elaborate. Make your own simple designs by folding tissue paper into eighths and then using decorative hole-punches and pinking shears to create designs on the paper. Once you are done punching and cutting, unfold the tissue paper to see the finished design. Hang up all the party guests' creations where everyone can admire them.

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