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How to Turn a Friend Into a Girlfriend

Have you ever gone out with a girl who you really fancy, but in the end she told you that she only wanted to be 'friends'? It is a pretty common scenario - many guys have faced this many, many times.
When a girl gives you the 'let's just be friends' speech, it means that either you did not make her attracted to you, or that while she is interested, she is just not comfortable with you.
Read on to discover the secret to overcome this situation and make her your girlfriend...
The Biggest Secret In Turning A Friend Into A Lover The biggest key to turn a friend into a lover is to build BOTH attraction and comfort.
This may sound ironic to you, but you can only learn about attraction and comfort building via being FRIENDS with women! By befriending women (with the characteristics of the ideal partner that you want) is by far the best way to improve your dating skills because of these three reasons - 1.
You will be comfortable around females.
Being nervous is a total game killer.
Don't forget that.
You will enlarge your pool of options.
By being around women, you will immediately have 'access' to their friends.
Most importantly, you will understand women's psyche.
The only way to learn about women is to 'experience' them firsthand.
Once you have mastered the above, it's time to take it to the next level - by using hypnosis techniques to build deep rapport with women.

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