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Types of hiking backpacks

Not all the backpacks are the same, or better, every backpack is designed with a specific use in mind.
If it's the first time you go for a hike you might not understand the technical differences between the types of backpacks: continue reading to better understand which features you should be looking for and what's the type of hiking backpack that best fits your needs.

Hydration Backpacks
These backpacks are designed to store water on your back instead of in bottles inside or on the sides of your regular backpack.
You can pour some litres of liquids inside these backpacks with the downturn of it getting heavier. It's up to you to find the perfect balance and it also depends on the length of the hike and on where you are going hiking.
Hydration packs have a bag which contains water and have a drinking tube for you to drink with the backpack on your shoulders.
Some hydration packs have compartments and side pockets to carry more than just water.

The name derives from the typical usage of this type of backpack, you use it for day hikes, when you don't need the equipment required to spend a night out or to prepare something to eat several times.

A pack is called daypack when the volume is below 35 litres.
Most daypacks come without the hip belt because they won't be so heavy neither in full load conditions, but almost all daypacks have a chest belt which helps keep the pack tight to your body.
If you are going to carry much equipment search for a daypack with a hipbelt to better distribute the loads.

Multiple Days Backpacks
No doubt this is the most used type of backpack ranging in volume between 35 and 70 litres.
Many day hikers decide to buy a backpack of such size to carry more equipment even during day hikes.
These backpacks and can be used both for day hikes and multi day hikes.

Expedition Backpacks
Usually more than 60 litres and with enough room to accommodate equipment for very long trips and hikes.
The main difference between expedition backpacks and multiple days backpacks is in the attention to body balance.
Expedition are designed with broader hip belts to distribute most of the weight of the backpack on the hips, in order to leave your shoulders lighter.
The spine is also well protected by how these packs are designed with very long hikes at full load in mind.

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