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Can a Cosmetic Dentist Really Sort Your Teeth Out Silver Screen Style?

Have you thought about visiting a cosmetic dentist? London has posters everywhere you go advertising cosmetic dentists, and almost invariably the posters bear photographs of people with the sort of gorgeously white, perfect smiles you expect to see only on the Hollywood silver screen.
If you've thought about visiting a cosmetic dentist in London then the one question you're likely to be wondering is whether any dentist can really transform your smile into the sort of image seen on their posters? When it comes to thinking about what a cosmetic dentist in London is able to offer, most people with automatically tend to think of teeth whitening, and certainly this is both a very popular and highly effective treatment.
But it isn't the only treatment, and it may not even be the best or most appropriate treatment for everyone.
It's worth having an understanding of the sorts of treatments that are available, and the sort of problems and issues which can be dealt with by almost any dentist in London today.
Certainly teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments being offered, and is available in two main types, or a combination of both.
Laser teeth whitening is the quick and simple treatment which a dentist can use to create a sparkling white smile.
This treatment only takes about an hour.
Alternatively there's the more traditional bleaching system, similar to those you can buy for home use, although naturally the systems offered by a cosmetic dentist are likely to be more powerful and more effective than home kits.
A third option for teeth whitening is a combination of both laser treatment and bleaching, giving a crystal white smile that's truly dazzling.
But do your teeth really need such intensive cleaning, or is it simply a case that your teeth have been superficially stained by food and drink, such as coffee, tea, chocolate and curries? If so then a quick and affordable alternative is simply to have your teeth cleaned thoroughly using a special air powered treatment that removes surface stains.
This high pressure air and water jet blasts lemon flavoured bicarbonate of soda at your teeth, cleaning the surface in a natural and refreshing way, helping to restore your teeth's natural whiteness and shine.
But even this may not be the most suitable treatment, and with veneers, crowns, bridges, tooth coloured fillings and cosmetic resin based composite bonding all possible alternatives, a whole range of issues can be fixed, from stained, broken, chipped, twisted or missing teeth.
If you're in any doubt about what a cosmetic dentist in London can offer, visit one, taking with you both an open mind and an open mouth, and you'll be surprised at the choices available today.

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