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Fat Burning Diet - Revealed

If you are like me, then chances are you don't like bodybuilder kind of physique.
I don't like to look like musclebound shaved gorilla.
Now that doesn't mean I don't have respect for them.
I have utmost respect for their hard work, sacrifices in life to achieve the kind of body.
Normal people don't have that kind of dedication.
That's why I like to open my ears and listen to them when some of these guys talk.
So my journey to getting ripped took me to a bodybuilder.
I had a chance to talk to one of the natural bodybuilder and I was surprised on his fast change in Body fat percentages before the competition.
Being a natural bodybuilder, you cannot use steroids and other non-sense to manipulate your body fat.
So to say I was curious would be understatement.
Now here comes the surprise.
He told me, they manipulate carbs to rid of fat fast before their competition.
Huh? Exactly that was my response too.
I didn't believe my ears...
I was expecting some secret recipe or may be a magic wand which I can use and get ripped.
Now sensing my disbelief, he laughed and said "We don't use the same type of carb manipulation you guys use in fitness industry.
Youneed to be more sensitive with your body to achieve this".
According to him, they use a cycle of loading and off loading carbs in their diet.
As we all know carb restriction can lead to weight loss, no doubt about that.
But what happens is with people, they take their carb restriction too far and this ends up eating up their muscles (thus slowing of metabolism).
Now with a carb cycle of loading and off loading this metabolism slowing down can be prevented.
Well I didn't not believe him, until I tried it on myself and dropped 1.
5 inches from my waist in 2 weeks.
Now this was surprising.
But as this was my first time, I lost some strength and muscles in this process (though I am not worried about that).
But I am convert to thiscarb loading/off loading methods.

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