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How to Advertise and Promote Your Shop

What should be the advertising campaign for maximum impact on the consumer It seemed that the days of private trade are off...
small shops disappear one after another.
Their place in the market occupied by big supermarkets.
Large retail chains displace private entrepreneurs, capture the best seats.
But it took only a few years, and consumers felt the all the "charms" of large stores, where we can see the lack of sellers and cleaners, where the product is stale, and there is very big probability to buy goods that have expired, which often lack price tags, to inflate the price.
Whatever the store: little shop or a mini market, large or small, located in the center or in the alley, not tricky techniques to attract buyers needed by each outlet.
Shopping Secrets of advertising: Shop name Give the name for your shop correctly.
The name, usually indicates a product that is sold in the shop.
Individual name is more advantageous.
For example, the name of "50 cows" preferable then "Milk.
Shop 18.
The individuality of your store must be projected to individual buyers.
They must love it.
Sign board If the store goes frontage on busy traffic street, you should not spare the money to sign.
Your sign board should be not only bright, but interesting.
If the store is located in the alley, then the big sign here is not appropriate.
It is worth to pay more attention to window dressing and windows.
Shares Your store must be "alive"! You must try to do shares, tastings, raffles often as possible.
Even if you have a small shop that does not mean that the promotion exclusively by super or hypermarkets! Shares will talk about that you show signs of attention to their customers.
They are also loved and valued this.
Souvenirs Try to print packages and packets with the name and logo of your shop and your clients will make to you additional advertising.
The good idea to print the condition of shares on the packets.
Your customers smash these packages around neighborhoods and attract new customers.
Facade May be near to your shop are several billboards.
But, first, rental of advertising is very expensive.
And, secondly, they are all engaged in advertising on someone else's long term.
If you do not have money to buy outdoor advertising, you must actively use the facade of your shop.
This can be a showcase, windows, cornices.
Decorate them with posters, merchandise, hang a banner.
Very important - what to write and how to write it.
Remember that cheap not accurate advertising and cheap promises will not add popularity to your shop and will not increase the buyers count.
Sidewalk Place a portable stand with info about your shop on the sidewalk next to the store.
Of course, people should not be about him stumble, you must choose the right place for it.
The attention he attracts will make interest of people to look into your store.
Leaflets and posters Print flyers with a good deal.
The proposal must be really profitable.
Do not generate it on principle - "Take it...
what I don't need!".
There are other ways to get rid of illiquid goods.
Distribute flyers at bus stops, or transport the mailboxes of the neighboring district.
Print posters and regularly broadcasts them on the adjacent bus stops.
Advertising Barter Most likely a hair salon, flowers, a small cafe can be placed next to your store is a.
Agree with their owners on advertising barter.
You hang their posters and advertisements for themselves, and they advertise your point in their trading rooms.
Oral and audio advertisement Well, if you are very advanced an entrepreneur, you can use in your trade the audio advertisement.
If your store very small, then turn your salespeople into sales assistants, who can not only sell or embossing cashier's checks, but also tell about the product and help the customer choose.
Assortment and prices Good and effective advertisement can give in to your shop a lot of people only once.
If your store assortment and prices do not correspond to the market, then the advertising will not help to you.
Again to you no one will come.
So do not be lazy and get around the nearby shops on a regular basis for monitoring the prices.
Set your prices at least for 10 cents cheaper.
Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs prefer to sell expensive than selling a lot, remember that prospered only by those who learned how to sell a lot.
After reading these simple tips, every second entrepreneur will say - we all know it and do it all.
Likely doing poorly.
And every first..
? Remember what you did in your store for your customers? * Do you have an old and dusty signboard * Your price is not better than the neighbor in his stall * The assortment is poor * You do not have an exclusive product * Are you ready to sell the low-quality products, just to cheap to buy * Your salespeople are lazy and ignorant, they do not believe, and dishonest Conclusion is self-explanatory.
Your point of sale faceless and boring! Do not repeat these errors and let your shop will be the best!Good luck!

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