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Ebook Web Design Revealed

In order to maximise the effectiveness of your eBook website, you must pay attention to its design.
There are numbers of different techniques that may help you with this, however, we will focus on the aspects which, in our opinion, will definitely ensure that your eBook Website design is effective.
Ebook Website Requirements First of all, you need to ensure that your website can be easily found by search engines.
Statistically, more than 60 percent of all searches in the Internet are conducted using Google search engine, therefore, to improve your chances of being found it is important to ensure that your eBook website design satisfies several Google requirements: -The content of your site should be relevant.
To achieve that, make sure you use right key words.
In addition, periodic updates are vital.
Google search engine also "prefers" websites which contain lots of useful links and information, such as "About the author", etc; -Do not write long sales letters.
They should be concise yet convincing and relevant.
Google search engine has also several requirements in relation to the Components of the eBook website.
At the top of the page it is crucial to include several navigation bars such as Home, FAQs, Articles, Order, and Contact.
At the bottom it is vital to have navigation bars like Affiliates, Blog, RSS, and Site map.
Make sure that Privacy Policy and Terms of Use bars are also present (usually at the bottom as well).
Monitoring and Fine-Tuning Review your Sales Letter every 2 weeks! In order to do that you can employ the technique called Split Testing, which means testing 2 or more different versions of your website simultaneously.
This technique will assist you in analysing the effects of particular changes to the eBook website design on your sales and traffic.
Things to Split-Test may include: -Headline Wording or Formatting; -Testimonials - Provide the details of the person: name, state, and occupation.
Video testimonials are normally more effective than audio or text; -Hook or story wording - Should be compelling; -Offer Wording - Use the words of the people surveyed, so they think you are "reading their minds"; -Offer - Number and types of bonuses or up-sells can be tested too.
You may regularly contact your existing customers asking whether they liked your book, what they think is missing, etc; -Guarantee wording.
You may also look at your eBook website, pretending to be the potential customer and ask yourself the following questions: -Does the website look interesting? -How do I feel as I am reading? -Do I believe the claims the site is making? -Do I feel compelled to buy a product? -Does the product represent a good value for money? -Am I convinced the product will help me? -Do I feel safe giving my credit card details? Once the answers to all those questions are positive, it is more likely for the ebook website design to be effective.

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