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Build Great Strength in a Playground

When people are looking to get stronger they automatically think that if they go to the gym they will walk out with these bodybuilder type muscles, keep dreaming, most of the people on the front of the fitness magazines are models and bodybuilders, this is their lives.
Most of us don't have the time to spend 2 to 3 hours a day in the gym, we have jobs, families,andthings that have to be done and just don't have the time to train for hours everyday.
There is an answer, build strength and muscle in your own home, in your backyard or in a local park, these are great places to build a high level of strength and endurance in just minutes a day.
The local playground is a great place to build strength that could never be duplicated in any gym, this is such a great way to build muscle that it's almost to good to be true.
There are so many ways that the playground and the local park can build strength, that if you knew just the half of it, it would blow you away and you would never go to the gym again.
The playground has equipment you can use anytime you want, and it's free, you will never have to pay for a gym membership again once you find out the things that can be accomplished in a park or a playground.
Using the local playground for pullups, pushups, dips, bodyweight squats, sprints, etc will give you a different kind of workout, one that will build a great amount of strength in a short period of time.
Try this short but effective workout: You will need something to do pullups on ( monkey bars, swing set ) and about 10 yards.
25 pushups.
10 yard Bear Crawl.
5 pullups.
Start off with 25 pushups, bear crawl 10 yards to the chinup bar, do 5 pullups.
bear crawl back 10 yards, do 25 pushups, bear crawl 10 yards back to the pullup bar and do 5 pullups.
Continue this workout out for 5 minutes, rest 2 minutes, repeat 1 more time.
This will be 10 minutes of hard work and 2 minutes of rest.
This is just one of the 100's of workouts that can be done in a playground or a park that will build a physically fit body.

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