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Fitness Computer Games for Kids

    Nickelodeon Fit

    • Nickelodeon Fit was developed by Nintendo to encourage children to engage in various exercises with their favorite Nickelodeon characters. These exercises include jumping rope, water rafting and other relay races with Nickelodeon characters such as the Backyardigans and Diego and Dora. This game is designed to develop children's motor skills as well as hand and eye coordination. Children will be able to use their imaginations as they do the exercises using the Balance Board or Wii Remote. One useful feature of this game is that it allows parents to track the progress of the kids in doing the exercises.

    Wii Sports Resort

    • Another fitness game from Nintendo is the Wii Sports Resort. This interactive game makes it possible for children to play their favorite resort-themed sport indoors. Players visit Wuhu Island where they can do various activities such as canoeing, Frisbee, table tennis, basketball and other fun activities that children love. With the use of the Wii Motion Plus accessory, players do the motions involved in the actual playing of the sport. The game is designed to have challenging levels that will make visitors of the island crave more. Children may play alone or compete with their friends.

    Dance, Dance Revolution: Disney Grooves

    • A fitness game designed for kids who love to dance is the Dance, Dance Revolution, or DDR, Disney Groove, available on the Wii. This game is specifically made for kids to groove and dance with their favorite Disney characters. Children use a floor mat that serves as a controller in doing various dancing steps. Children can pick a Disney character avatar and select between different Disney songs to dance to. The game includes songs such as "Chim Chim Cher-ee" and "It's A Small World." There is also a Disney Channel version for the PS2.

    Eye Toy: Play Sports

    • In 2003, Sony Computer Entertainment released Eye Toy: Play Sports for PS2 to make full use of the video camera that goes with the game console. Eye Toy features several mini games which are played by moving your arms and body in front of the video camera. This camera has a motion sensor that can detect movement when the game is played. This game is ideal for children's birthday parties as it can be played by up to eight players. Children's hand and eye coordination as well as agility can be tested while playing. Before kids can play the game, they must make their own avatar by having their mug shot taken and putting it onto the body of an animated figure. Kids can have fun playing the mini games while seeing themselves on screen.

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