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How to Keep a Dog From Chewing on Wood

    • 1). Offer your dog a toy or item that is specifically designed for chewing, such as a bone. Many bones are scented in order to attract dogs and deter them from chewing on unwanted items, such as wood.

    • 2). Exercise the dog often during the day. Take the dog for a long daily walk or play a game of fetch in the park. A dog who has all of its energy drained will be too tired to continue its destructive chewing habits.

    • 3). Provide a different variety of toys for the dog. Just as with children, dogs will become bored with the same toys. If possible, keep the toys on a schedule so that different toys can be cycled in an out on a daily or weekly basis.

    • 4). Startle the dog with a loud noise each time it is caught chewing on a wooden item. Clap your hands or hit a cooking pot whenever the dog exhibits this unwanted behavior. After the noise has startled the dog, offer it an acceptable chew toy as an alternative.

    • 5). Fill an empty soda can with several uncooked beans. Each time the dog begins to chew on wooden pieces, shake the can. The dog will find this noise annoying and will begin to associate this unpleasant sound with the unwanted activity.

    • 6). Remove any wooden pieces that can easily be lifted or stored away from the dog's reach. This is particularly helpful for a puppy that is chewing to soothe its gums.

    • 7). Spray any larger wooden items, such as furniture, with bitter spray. The taste of this spray is unappealing to dogs and will help prevent them from chewing on the furniture.

    • 8). Praise the dog for chewing on acceptable items. Each time the dog chooses to focus its attention on a chew toy instead of any wooden item, pet it and tell the dog what a good boy it is.

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