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How to Treat the Furniture From Body Lice

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Remove cushion covers or slips from furniture and gather any throws or lap blankets — if the items may be safely laundered and not shrink in hot water.

Set your washing machine setting to the hot temperature wash and hot rinse setting. The water should reach at least 140 degrees F. Add detergent to your washing machine and launder the covers, slips and throws. If the washing machine has a soak cycle, soak the clothing for 30 minutes.

Dry the covers, slips and throws on the highest heat setting.

Place covers and slips that may not be laundered into a plastic bag and seal. Take the covers to the dry cleaners and alert them that the material needs to be deloused. You may want to call ahead to ensure your dry cleaners will delouse items.

Place pillows in plastic bags and seal the bags tightly. Store them for 30 days, effectively suffocating the lice. After 30 days, remove the items and then use your vacuum attachment to remove any dead lice that remain on the material. Go over each area of the items at least twice.

Vacuum your cloth furniture and then take the vacuum outside and remove the bag, immediately placing it inside a plastic bag and sealing it. Throw the bag away in the outside garbage. Add a new bag to the vacuum cleaner and vacuum your furniture again, repeating the same process. If your vacuum uses a bagless collection system, take the vacuum outside after the first vacuuming and empty the contents of the collection tank into a trash bag. Tightly seal the bag and throw it away in the outside garbage. Rinse the collection tank outside with a hose and then dry thoroughly with an old towel. Put the towel in a plastic bag, seal, and throw away. Repeat the process.

Steam clean the cloth furniture, if possible.

Wipe down leather furniture with a damp cloth.

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