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Bradley BTIS1 Outdoor Smoker - Giving You Clean, Natural Flavored Smoked Food

Traditionally, a smokehouse is a permanent building aimed for preserving foods such as bacon, ham, fish, and sausages by curing them with smoke.
Salt curing or cold smoking in a traditional smokehouse usually takes a long time; often it's done for 2 weeks or even longer.
Now introducing Bradley BTIS1, a modern smokehouse which is easy to use, efficient, and having great results.
For making smoked food, now you don't have to wait for weeks before you will be able to consume the produce.
Following the principle of the traditional smokehouse, this machine uses its smoke generator to cure meats and fish in two smoking methods: the hot and cold.
In hot smoking mode, the Bradley BTIS1 temperature generally ranges from 180 to 250 degrees F, which is ideal for cooking fish and meats.
On the other hand, it takes longer time for you to get the result of the cold smoking as this method smoke foods between 60 and 80 degrees F.
besides working as a smoker, the Bradley BTIS1 also makes a perfect slow roasting oven and a slow cooker.
The duration of each cooking differs, according to the type of the food being smoked or cooked.
Bradley BTIS1 Original Smoker is a smoker made from powder epoxy steel material and has an aluminum interior for heavy-duty use.
Inside it, you will find a traditional hot plate with a very low heating element as well as a feeding system for the briquettes.
The briquettes are the secret to create clean smoked foods.
These fuels made from cube-cut not-too-fine sawdust don't require high heat energy, don't burn down to ash, and can be extinguished in the built-in water bath.
These unique briquettes release wood aromas when burned.
To work with the briquettes, you will only need to put them in the smoke generator and burn them in 20 minutes.
The smoker will automatically turn them into head to smoke the foods.
The key to have fast smoked food with natural flavor lies on the smoker's consistent, reasonable temperature.
With consistent temperature, there are no more high-temperature gases, resins, and acids that can disturb the food's natural flavors.
The Bradley BTIS1 Outdoor Smoker measures 14.
5 x 17 x 31 inches and weighs 42 pounds.
It has similar size of a small fridge.
With the quite light weight, you can carry the smoker around for having barbeque parties in most places.
Once operated, the smoker can be active for 8 hours without refueling.
That way you don't have to worry about short-handed briquettes.

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