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How to Achieve the Female Orgasm With Just Fingertip Sensual Massage

Too often men will feel that the act of sex is more about them than about their partner.
Well, the truth is that sex is about both of you and if you do not both achieve orgasm, only half the work has been done.
It is important for you to help your partner achieve orgasm and if your partner is a woman, it is not as easy as it is for you to reach that point.
Thankfully, there are several things you can do to help speed along the process and to help make sex more pleasurable for your female partner.
The first things you need to try are: 1.
First, you need to create a romantic atmosphere for your partner.
Sex is about romance and making the atmosphere romantic can get the feeling of love and arousal flowing.
You want to create comfortable surroundings.
While sex in a bathroom may be spontaneous, sex on a bed with rose pedals and candles burning in the room can be just as pleasurable.
You want to help relax your partner and a comfortable atmosphere does this.
You need to make sure that your female partner feels wanted and appreciated.
One mistake men make with sex is they treat the woman as though she is just there to provide them pleasure.
By making your partner feel wanted, you help to make them feel aroused and relaxed with you, which is very important.
Stimulation of the clitoris is very important.
It helps to fuel the natural lubrication of the woman's vagina, and that helps to make sex more satisfying and pleasurable for them.
There are many ways to stimulate the clitoris, and what we will focus on is massage.
When you are massaging her clitoris, you should do it gently.
You do not want to just dive into using your hands on her clitoris.
Instead, you want to move slowly with calm and deliberate movements.
You can kiss her there, or just rub your hand along her clitoris in a slow manner.
This will help to heighten the pleasurable feelings and it will make her more aroused and get her closer to orgasm.
The largest organ of our body is the skin.
You can massage all over your partner's skin, even just running your fingers lightly down her body.
This will make her more aroused and it will make the sex more pleasurable for both of you.
Now you know: A simple massage can go a long way!

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