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How to Sew a Blanket

    • 1). Determine the size of your blanket. A baby blanket, for example, tends to be smaller in size than a throw blanket for a college dorm room.

    • 2). Pre-wash and dry your fabric in warm or hot water to shrink it before you start sewing. This ensures that the final product stays the size you planned it to be and doesn't shrink the first time the recipient washes it.

    • 3). Prep the fabric by trimming off any loose threads that may have unraveled during the wash cycle then ironing the fabric to remove wrinkles.

    • 4). Measure and cut your fabric and batting to size (be sure to add 1/2 inch to all sides to account for seam allowances) using the ruler, rotary cutter and self-healing cutting mat.

    • 5). Lay the printed fabric on your work surface right side up. Place the solid colored fabric on top of the printed fabric, lining up all the edges. Place the batting on top of the fabric layers then pin all three layers together.

    • 6). Stitch all three layers together using your sewing machine, making sure to leave a small opening on one edge.

    • 7). Turn the fabric layers right side out then pin the opening closed.

    • 8). Slip stitch the opening closed.

    • 9). Top stitch close to the edge of the blanket to create a finished look.

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