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Top 5 Wedding Ceremony Music Advice

Wedding ceremony music is one of the most important things that you need to think about when you are planning a wedding.
Music creates atmosphere and a vibrant setting for your wedding.
You can give the impression of a fun disco party, or calm, royal like dinner just with the correct choice of music.
The DJ or band you choose must understand you and your theme perfectly.
Here are some tips to ensure that your evening is memorable.
Choose music that everyone will love.
Try not to isolate certain people and this means that some of your choices might not be what you necessary like.
Go with the flow and cater for the old and the younger generations that will be there, so that everyone will enjoy themselves at your wedding celebration.
Don't forget about your first dance.
Make sure you have chosen the song you want the DJ or band to play and ensure that it is ready and waiting for you.
If the DJ doesn't have it, get a copy of it for them.
Listen to some background music that you like for the speeches.
You don't have to have music for the speeches, but it can also create a lovely atmosphere and offer some encouragement for any nervous speakers out there.
Choose entrance music for your guests and for you as the bride and groom.
Choose something fun and celebratory for your entrance for the first time as husband and wife to wow your guests.
If you want a more dramatic entrance use cool lights and ask the DJ for a drum roll! 5.
Let the DJ do his job.
This can be hard for some people to do, but if you have an experienced and professional DJ or band, they will known exactly what type of wedding ceremony music to play according to the crowd they have.
They will be able to keep people dancing and feel by assessing people as to what the most popular songs are.

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