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Fish Oil - Its Side Effects and How to Avoid Them

Let's face it.
Whenever there's hype in a market or in the business world, some pull-outs, disadvantages and negative feedbacks are also being put up.
To date, many consumers are still concerned about how much benefit they will be getting and the side effects of consuming fish oil supplements.
Here is the catch: you can actually avoid the negative side effects from fish oil supplements by simply following the correct dose and choosing the right supplements.
Let me share with you some minor side effects consumers are complaining about: 1.
The after taste and burping Fish oil supplements are caused by oil that has gone rancid through oxidation.
You can avoid this by taking fish oil that is fresh.
High-dosage of Omega-3 Since one of the benefits the Omega-3 can do is to take away blood clots and thins the blood, high dosage of this fatty acid can result in bleeding and bruising.
One of the fish oil side effects is toxic contamination.
Fish are contaminated with toxins such as mercury and other heavy metals because of pollutions in the oceans.
Hence, eating a lot of fish means consuming large amounts of these toxins, and that could lead to toxic poisoning and even death.
The main negative feedback and side effect about these supplements is on the issue related to purity and freshness of the product.
Many manufacturers mass produce their oil, making it hard for them to control the freshness of the product.
Getting straight to the point, not all supplements are pure.
My best advice for a probable solution is to choose supplements that have been tested for oxidation.
You will also find in the label of the supplement some certificate of analysis.
This requires that their product have included the two oxidation components: the anisidine value and the peroxide value.
Do not accept a product that doesn't give you a list or doesn't have any given value.
Majority of health-conscious people will be taking "Omega-3" supplements without any complaints of having neither a difficulty nor a problem.
To avoid the fish oil supplement side effects, one has to strictly follow the rule of consuming the correct dose and choosing the right and best supplement for themselves.
Remember that before taking supplements you should have a little knowledge about fish oils and "Omega-3"! Also, check with your doctor first before you take fish oil or any dietary supplements and medication.
Don't let those little fish oil side effects disappoint you!

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