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How I Beat Jet Lag Travelling From Sydney to London

I'm pretty bad at sleeping on planes but yesterday I beat jet lag travelling from Sydney to London and I am going to tell you how I did it.
I hope this helps you.
It happens that I know a fair bit about sleep so it certainly helped but here is how I did it.
Firstly I took a late afternoon flight departing from Sydney arriving in London in the early morning.
I woke up on Sunday morning in Sydney and had a cup of tea with breakfast - this was the last caffeine I had for a long time.
Avoid caffeine when you travel.
I got to the airport with plenty of time to spare to avoid the usual rush and stress that comes with it.
I boarded the flight at 5pm and set my watch to Bangkok time (the stopover for this trip).
We took off at 5:35pm and I resisted the urge to take a nap.
Instead I watched a film and waited for the food service.
I had two glasses of wine with the meal (this was the last alcohol I touched - another good tip).
Once the meal was finished and cleared I put on my eye mask and went to sleep for 90 minutes (a full sleep cycle) when I woke up naturally.
For the rest of the first leg to Bangkok I stayed awake watching films.
Once back on board the plane I immediately set my watch to UK time and tried to keep my normal UK schedule.
It was about 4:30pm in the UK.
I therefore stayed awake and again ate the meal provided - but this time no alcohol.
I watched a couple of films and decided to go to sleep - a little earlier than I would normally but I know I am bad at sleeping on planes and because I had had little sleep in the previous 24 hours I knew I would sleep.
I managed a whole 3 hours (2 full sleep cycles) when again I woke up naturally.
I then read and watched some more films.
With 5 hours to go to London I decided to try to get some more sleep.
I got a little bit but poor quality and not continuous but I wanted to try to build some sleep time.
We arrived in London at 5:30 and I eventually got home at 8:30.
At 9am I went to bed and set the alarm clock for 90 minutes.
I got some good sleep.
I could have slept for much longer but knew it would be unwise.
I then had my usual breakfast - cereal and fruit and a cup of tea.
I worked for the morning and then went for a 30 minute walk outside at about 1pm.
I came back and had my usual lunch - a sandwich (as it happens).
At 3pm I took a 30 minute nap.
I then stayed awake through to my normal bed time of 11:30.
I set my alarm for 9am.
I woke naturally at 7:30 but went back to sleep for 90 minutes.
I have felt good all day and got lots of work done.
This is my strategy.
I hope it helps you too.
For a better understanding of sleep and personal energy follow the link below to our site.
All the best.

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