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Discover If LifePath Unlimited is a Scam Or NOT!

Many people have been looking for information to find out if LifePath Unlimited is a Scam or not.
This article will highlight four points about LifePath Unlimited help you figure out if this company is a scam or not.
LifePath Unlimited is an Arizona based company.
When researching this opportunity the first step I took to figure out if it was a scam or not, was contacting the Better Business Bureau.
The BBB report showed that the company had complaints but every complaint was resolved! Other company like Liberty League International had outstanding complaints that have not been taking care of! The next step I took to find out if this company is a scam was calling their customers service.
Many companies have a customer service email or phone number, but no one ever answers! I called LifePath Unlimited customer service number and was pleasantly surprised! They actually answered and have more than one person working the phone and handling issues along the way! Finding out that LPU was in good standing with the BBB and has a customer service department says a lot about this company! The third point I wanted to figure out is if this company had a return policy.
Few companies in the direct sales industry have any type of return policy.
Most direct sales companies policies say all sales are final! LifePath has a 56-day money back guarantee! The most important thing to me was reading about the founders of the company! These guys know what they are doing when it comes to running a company and creating massive success! In conclusion, LifePath Unlimited is not a scam, but a great opportunity for anyone looking to take control of their personal and financial future.
Here is a link to do more research about LifePath Unlimited: http://www.

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