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The Benefits of Trying on Line Dating

When you're surfing the Internet, scanning newspapers, or browsing through your mail—you've probably discovered one disturbing denominator.
There's usually nothing enticing you to read the rest of the content.
So you move on.
And unfortunately, so will the prospects viewing your messages...
If you're an entrepreneur, consultant, author, speaker, or the Big Kahuna of your company—the most important marketing asset for you to work on is your headline.
Why? Because headlines have the power to draw people into your message.
It grabs attention, creates interest, and can halt them in their tracks.
It's no surprise that people are busy and suffer from information overdose.
You must stand out from the pack if your message has any chance of getting read.
And nothing increases your odds better than a "go-for-the-jugular" headline.
Here are seven Quick and Dirty headline types you can use to draw people into your website, letter, media release, article, flyer, ad, or invitation: 1) The "How-to" headline: one of the most duplicated.
People are always interested in how to get, make, or do something.
Examples would include...
"How to get all the dates you want" "How to cure cancer" "How to the make the best Sloppy Joe" 2) The "Benefit" headline: probably the most popular.
People love to find out what they get.
Especially if it's free.
Let me see...
"Lose 30 pounds in 30 days" "Free oil change for life" "Our fish swam in the ocean last night" 3) The "Invitation" headline: the type people enjoy the most.
People love to get invitations—especially to big events.
It also makes them feel special because only a certain percentage ever gets an invitation.
Here are some...
"A special invitation to mingle aboard our new 35-foot yacht" "Oprah invites you to her Big Birthday Bash" "Free speech consultation if you're one of the first five to register" 4) The "Fear" headline: one of the most effective.
Sometimes a benefit headline isn't enough.
Some people won't take any action unless they stand to lose something.
Let's look at a few...
"What to do during an IRS audit...
" "Only nine albums left at this special price" "Warning: Seven signs your mechanic is ripping you off!" 5) The "Offer" headline: hits you point-blank.
If you have an offer so irresistible only a moron would refuse—this would be perfect in your headline.
Let's see...
"Get nine CDs for a penny" "Invest $100 in my pyramid scheme and receive $1,549 in bonuses" "Register for my marketing bootcamp and if you don't triple your income within one year—I'll refund your money and give you an extra $500.
00 for your trouble" 6) The "Intrigue" headline: simply seductive.
You give enough information to tantalize their tastebuds, but not enough to award their appetites.
"What the Bush Administration didn't want you to know...
" "When dawn never arrived...
" "The seven year itch...
" 7) The "News" headline: great for news or media releases because it sticks with the facts.
Grabs attention immediately because of the similarity to media headlines.
I got some...
"Woman loses shirt in stocks marries oil baron" "One-armed man dominates swim meet" "Odd couple sisters trade desperation for diamonds" With a compelling headline, you reduce the chance they'll skip your message and increase the odds of making sales.
Which is why you're in business.

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