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One eye sees. The other feels. That's brand identity

It's 2011 and we here at 92 West think it's time to get back to basics; namely branding and brand development. The basics behind branding is that people often fail to recognize the difference their brand and their brand identity. Similar terms, but different in what they mean to your marketing and advertising efforts. Also, knowing some of the basics will better equip you when dealing with your preferred identity, graphic or Omaha web design professional.

Brand identity is something that appeals to the senses and generates a tangible experience. You can touch it, hold it, see it, hear it sing and watch it move. It is the fuel that drives recognition and amplifies the companies difference from it's competition. Brand identity makes great ideas meaningful and accessible; truly taking many different elements and unifying them into a seamless system.

Make Sense?

If not… look at Target. Pepsi. Coke. Amazon. Many parts. One unified message that organizes color, spirit, message and design. The end result is something that embodies the intangibles… emotion, context and things that matter most to today's consumers… the essence of the company.

All branding is design driven and victory belongs to the most persevering. Look at GAP… they changed their logo in 2010 and a week later moved it back because of customer backlash.

Fact. Not all ideas are going to work… even if they seem great.

Multimedia, in it's most basic of components, amounts to the combined use of several media such as sound and full-motion video / graphics.  As time progresses, and the demands from our current and future clients increase, it will be in a firm's best interest to include various aspects of audio / video / interactive content to further their message and allow the  audience to relate to their message.

By combining a number of media together you can make the overall effect much more appealing. This helps to maintain the attention of our target audience.  Websites, Interactive CDROM's, Kiosk Displays and Video in particular have a very powerful effect on people, lending a perceived credibility to your message which is often otherwise missing or forgotten over the passage of time (days, weeks or even hours).

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