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Repurposing Content to E-Book - the How-To and the Miracle

Audio content to e-book is a great e-learning repurposing strategy.
Let's assume that this audio content is created from a live teleseminar.
The content could come from other sources...
it could come from a book or a video, it's just more work and it takes more time.
If something takes more work and time it's less productive.
To repurpose your live teleseminar audio into an e-book you have it recorded, transcribed and then you edit it.
You put it into a PDF format, some type of EXE e-book maker that's available through eBook Generator, or you can just put it into a simple PDF that is not as secure.
That then becomes a multi-page e-book that is digitally delivered to fellow human beings.
That's how you repurpose content for an eBook.
E-book content is miraculous because people can forward it, especially if they're PDFs, and read it anytime.
An eBook can be forwarded and reprinted...
now it's physical.
That's where the reader or the audience is repurposing that digital download or PDF into a physical transcript, but it's going to be read, so you're going from audio to written.
How do you repurpose content for an e-book? Have a teleseminar, record it, have it transcribed, edit it, spruce it up, enhance it, put some imagery on it and you have a world-class e-book.
You can write a 40 to 50 page e-book, maybe sometimes even 60 depending on how fast you talk, with one-60 to 70 minute teleseminar.
When you compare that to writing about 4 to 5 pages in an hour by hand, going from audio to written makes a whole lot of good sense.

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