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Guess Sweaters for Men – The Styles To Know

Every guy that has ever gone shopping for a sweater soon becomes puzzled when he discovers how many different styles of sweaters actually exist. Just yesterday, I was shopping at Guess and overheard a man shopping for Guess sweaters and a saleswoman. Saleswoman said "How about a nice crew neck sweater to go with those pants or wait, maybe a boat neck collar would suit you better." And the man back "Whatever, I just want to look good and not be bombarded with all of these different terms."

All this fancy fashion jargon can be quite confusing, but once you know the basic collar styles available, the difference between a v-neck and a turtleneck will be obvious. And shopping Guess sweaters would be a breeze (and you'll get points with that saleswoman). So in this article we are going to discuss to you the different Guess sweaters (or any brand) style you should know. All these styles can be found at Guess because we think that Guess is one of the best brands when it comes to men's clothing - like men's sweater and denim jeans.

Turtlenecks - Turtlenecks are sweaters with a high, tubular collar. They usually have a long neckline, which is rolled over once for a better fit. Since the neck is covered from the top to the collarbone, turtlenecks are usually worn to keep your neck warm in colder climates. Some turtlenecks are also made with a simple layer (doesn't need to be folded; it's a turtleneck on its own) for a more original and trendy look.

Polo necks - Polo necks are sweaters with raised collars, usually adorned with two or three buttons on the frontal neckline. Polo shirts are now found in various forms: with buttons, without buttons, short, or long-sleeved.

V-necks - V-necks are sweaters designed with v-shaped necklines. They are very popular because of their versatility and simplicity. V-necks are classic and can be adapted to more or less any style or look. It is one of the most favorite sweater of men.
Crew necks - The most common type of sweater sold for men, crew neck sweaters are characterized by round, tight-fitting necklines. Crew necks are also very versatile and can easily be matched with any article of clothing you have stored in your wardrobe.

Boat necks - Boat neck sweaters are similar to the crew neck, except that the opening of the neckline is shaped like a boat instead of a circle. This type of sweater is seen in very trendy designer wear such as Jean Paul Gaultier, and is not suited for everybody.

So there you have the different styles of sweaters for men. The next time you go shopping for Guess sweaters [] or any brand you wish to shop (although we recommend you put Guess first in your list), you'll know what the gorgeous saleswoman is talking about when she suggests a crew neck sweater.

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