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The Breaking Up Survival Guide - 3 Ways to Move Beyond the Break Up

Breaking up survival is more than just learning how to put one foot in front of the other day in and day out until you no longer need to remind yourself to do it.
It is more than learning not to rail at the world for having the sheer audacity to go on turning when your world feels as though it has ended.
Breaking up survival means is learning to not only get out there and participate in the world around you but to actually live in that world in the process.
Your life may feel as though it ended when you broke up but every ending is a new beginning.
When you learn how to see this critical insight for yourself you will understand this completely.
Get Up Don't become a hopeless couch potato and don't lock yourself in your bedroom for days at a time only coming out for more soft drinks, pizza, or chocolate.
The temptation is there but you're better off getting up and getting moving.
You'll feel better and you'll be in better condition for the next step.
The last thing you need to do is hide from yourself in the mirror or the world in general.
Get up and face the day.
Develop a routine and pretty soon it will be second nature rather than you forcing yourself to get up and moving every morning.
Get Out Even if you do get out of bed or off the couch you need to get out and about.
Take in some sunshine.
See a movie.
Enjoy a little retail therapy.
Spend time with friends.
Go out to dinner, the theater, or take in a concert.
Get out and do things that you enjoy.
You may have to fake it the first few times and pretend to watch the movie or laugh at the jokes.
The good thing about doing this for breaking up survival is that you will eventually find you are watching the movies and laughing at the jokes - not just going through the motions.
Try Something New What's one thing you've always wanted to do but never been able to do it? Now is the perfect time to do it.
Go sky diving, deep sea fishing, try bungee jumping, or travel to Italy.
Do something you've always wanted to do.
If you don't want to do it alone, bring along a friend.
This may be the first real chance you have to try these things that have always been on your "to do when I screw up the courage" list.
It may also be the last.
The next love of your life, or even if you get this one back down the line may not be interested in these things.
Make sure that something good for is included in your breaking up survival plans.

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