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Why Every Small Business Needs A Well Designed Website

60% of U.
businesses have no online presence - a huge mistake at a time that search engines are the first stop in most consumers search to find information about businesses.
If your business isn't online you are missing out on a chance to connect with these consumers.
A clean simple website with up to date contact information, pictures of your products and/or services, an about you page that tells visitors the story of your business and how that you can help them is something EVERY business needs.
Many businesses are still using designs that were popular in the 1990s using Adobe Flash, frame style websites or static sites that have no seo optimization.
If your still using these type of websites your not showing up in the search engines and if your not showing up on the first page of search results your missing out on 90% of the potential traffic to your website.
Your modern website doesn't need to cost you thousands of dollars, a simple three page site is plenty for most companies.
Just make sure it isn't cluttered, it clearly states what your business does and how to contact you.
A well designed site with onsite search engine optimization will work its way to the front of search results, if your in a very competitive market you may want to hire a SEO specialist that can help leapfrog your competitors in the results.
Businesses that rely on Facebook pages as their "website" is like people who would call a hotel room their home.
Facebook is where you congregate fans of your business and connect with them, but a company website is where you establish your identity and make sales.
You absolutely should have a Facebook page but don't mistake that for a website as they are two totally different things.
Your Facebook page should be seen as an extension of your website not a replacement for it.
Studies have shown that although Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with your customers it's not the most effective way to attract new customers.
Another mistake many small businesses make is relying on the yellow pages as their way to get their company in front of potential customers.
Yellow page use has been declining over the last decade and now ranks below the Internet as a way the consumers are searching for company information.
Even the major yellow page companies have gotten into the website building business as a way to regain the customers they have been losing.

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