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Obesity can affect knee replacement surgery adversely

There is only one solution for people who suffer from knee problems. A person with knee problem can be treated with proper medication, diet etc. If the case is serious, then knee surgery is one of the more suitable options to treat a person with knee problem. This would mean that the knee would have to undergo a replacement with the help of a joint that's artificial.

With this artificial joint one is able to walk yet again without much pain. But one thing is important to note that sometimes it is very tough for people if they are obese. These people are unable to relish the effects post-surgery. Lots of experts say that obesity and replacement of the knee do not really mix too well.

The orthopedic surgeons in Delhi make arrangements to cushion and protect the knees using a material that is called a cartilage. A cartilage is an organic material which forms our ears too. Factors like eating too much junk food or playing sports like basketball or indulging in activities like running etc. can result in reduction in knee cartilage. This problem would result into inability of joints moving very well and also resulting into excruciating pain in the joints.

Obesity can also be one of the reasons behind knee degradation. Certain kinds of foods that result into obesity also affect cartilage adversely. The weight of a person who is obese has his/her knee under more pressure and more weighed down. Of course, the story and condition is very different when it comes to an individual who is healthier according to the biggest orthopedic surgeon in Delhi. An obese person is at continuous risk of osteoporosis.

Knee replacement surgery is kind of a major surgery and a patient undergoing the surgery goes through several tests so that they are able to fit at the operation table. These tests comprise of blood-clot test, ECG test etc. These tests help in revelation of conditions that may or may not affect the knee replacement surgery.

The patients with an obesity issue may face issues due to weight conditions and it is probable that these patients may suffer from a high blood pressure or different heart ailments. This would mean that doctors performing knee replacement in Delhi would have to pay extra precaution when it comes to performing surgery. It may also seem possible that these patients may not be able to avail the option of surgery due to their medical issues. So take care!

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